A business’s culture is constantly changing, making it a challenge for companies trying to define it and make sure it’s moving in the desired direction. Many companies – most notably Google – have installed chief culture officers to keep tabs on the company’s culture. Do you think hiring a chief culture officer is a good idea for corporations?

Maybe/Unsure: 42.9%
No: 35.7%
Yes: 21.4%


"The company's main objective should be to change only when market direction changes. Company culture is a myth. Only profitability matters."

"Small to mid size companies (0-500 employees) I do not think need a person in this role. However, do need to have senior officers to review the company's direction and inherent culture, which can change due to mid level management and hourly employee turnover."

"Should be the role of the CEO or President"

"If they can afford it?"

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