The average worker today stays at each of his or her jobs for 4.4 years, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. How many full-time jobs have you had in your working life?

2-3: 35.1%
More than 5 jobs: 35.1%
Just one: 16.2%
4-5: 13.5%
Other: 0%

For how many years have you been employed full time?

More than 20 years: 75.6%
16-20: 10.9%
11-15: 8.1%
6-10: 5.4%
1-5: 0%


Employees must focus on their needs and not on any sort of mis-guided loyalty to their employer. Remember, your employer is only concerned with the bottom line; all employees are expendable, no matter how good their job performance may be!

9/4 will mark 43 years with the same company (in several different technical positions)

I worked full time while attending college, both undergraduate and graduate, plus I saved and paid my tuition.

This wasn't my original plan, but it's worked out so far.

The fastes way to get large wage increase is to pad the resume and sell yourself to the next company. I've often seen this 2-3 years, make a lot of good starts and move on. I don't like to move so I do not partake.

35 committed years with the current employer

It seems that it is getting more difficult to find "dedicated" workers anymore, regardless of compensation.


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