An online video ("Wealth Inequality in America") has gone viral that shows how wealth is distributed in the U.S. The video claims that the average CEO makes 380 times what the average worker makes. Do you think top executives are worth that much?

No: 69.6%
Yes: 21.7%
Maybe/Unsure: 8.7%


CEOs are grossly overpaid; it's outrageous and undermines employee productivity and morale!

But I also think that the people who are working for minimum wage are worth muc more than they are being paid- if they cannot pay their employee's more, the CEOs cannot possibly be worth that much. They are dependent on the people they employ to but their products. If only they could see...

No one works that hard nor are thay that accountable that the deserve that kind of pay. Not CEO's, not professional atheletes and not elected officials.

They are worth whatever companies are willing to pay.

Assuming they do what they are paid for!

That sounds excessive.

No one is worth that much!

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