The U.S. Senate recently passed a measure authorizing states to require online retailers to collect sales tax on purchases made via their websites. Do you believe that online consumers should pay sales tax on their purchases?

No: 65%
Yes: 30%
Maybe/Unsure: 5%


Here we go again with the government trying to tax us any way can.

The tax will have negative effect on online retailers having to collect and sent collected taxes to the 50 states. Also I do not think they have the authhority to pass said measure.

Yes but perhaps half as much. The out of state business doesn't require any local or state support really. Meanwhile it is a way of capturing at least some of the lost sales now leaving so many states. Internet sales return just about zero $$$ to a local community where as local sales at a small biz keep almost all $$$ local. But brick & mortar cost considerably more to run and frequently can't compete because of that....

The commerce clause is there for a reason.

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