Senate investigators recently accused Apple of taking advantage of U.S. tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes on offshore taxable income, claims that Apple has denied. Do you think big businesses pay enough in taxes?

Yes: 61.1%
No: 27.8%
Maybe/Unsure: 11.1%


As it relates to Apple. They pay $2 million a day. Lower the corporate tax to 10% and see how much Apple brings home. Apple is looking ot for their investors.Good for them!!!!

Government needs to be run like Apple! Leave the golden gooses alone.

Apple is actually being very smart with its money. Until the U.S. government initiates sensible tax reform, everyone should aggressively seek out and use as many legal loopholes as possible to reduce their tax burden.

Apple paid WAAAAY more in taxes than GE did, regardless of their loopholes. Why isn't the Senate questioning GE?

It has been well documented how big corporations and wealthy individuals avoid paying their share of taxes through tax loopholes. The best answer is to set a new flat tax, no avoidance loopholes, for everyone. 25% no matter location, size, etc.

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