Penn State recently announced plans to charge employees who refuse to submit to health screenings an extra $100 a month for their health care benefits. Some employees, however, say that the university should instead encourage workers to be healthy rather than penalize those who don’t want to participate in the new program. Should employers be allowed to penalize workers who refuse to participate in company wellness programs?

No: 56.2%
Yes: 31.3%
Maybe/Unsure: 12.5%


I  always choose to take part in wellness programs. Why not? I do not believe in coercing others to do anything against their will.

The question is what the ORG will do with the data. Will it try to find reasons to let go people with higher health care cost or probability of them? Highly likely- it should not be part of the process. Individually we are pretty moral, collectively not so much.

I suppose they should be allowed, but a better approach would be to charge everyone more and give discounts to those who participate in programs that reduce insurance premiums.

We have been paying more in premiums for years if we refuse a health screening or smoke.  I think they should do both - penalize those who don't take care of themselves and reward those who try to improve.  If we participate in the programs the company sponsors, get our health and dental check-ups and screenings - we can earn an additional 2 days vacation. Our company is doing a great job of keeping health costs down and it benefits the company and the employees.

It's time to separate health insurance and employment.

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