The U.S. EPA recently announced a proposal to cut the amount of ethanol required to be blended into the nation's gasoline supply, the first such reduction since the renewable fuel standards were set in 2007. Do you think this is a good idea?

Yes: 88%
Maybe/Unsure: 8%
No: 4%

Ethanol only serves to lower gas mileage and power. My portable power tools gum up when there is ethanol in the fuel. There are better uses for the feed stock than running cars.

I am not sure why they want to do this.

It's OK to keep the ethanol mandate if we don't put food (corn) and fuel in tension.

Ethanol actually reduces MPG and pollutes more than gasoline without ethanol. A double whammy.

Ethanol in gas results in higher priced foods for lower income families.

Ethanol should be completely removed from gasoline. It requires more energy to produce than it yields. In addition we traded one energy source dependence, oil, for another, ethanol, as the US cannot produce all it needs to comply with the original regulation. This is a hangover Al Gore policy that needs to go away.

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