A recent survey found that the biggest obstacle to manufacturing quality success today. According to the 2014 Manufacturing Training Trends Survey recently released by Seminars for Engineers, 27% of respondents cited lack of training, 20% cited outmoded equipment, 16% cited poor quality control and 14% cited company morale. Which factor do you think decreases or inhibits productivity the most?

Lack of training: 38.4%
Outdated or outmoded equipment: 23.1%
Poor quality control: 0%
Company morale: 38.5%
Other: 0%


Company morale is critical and is adversely impacted by poor management. Managers who micromanage, bully, fail to communicate (and to listen), or who are simply incompetent are a major contributor to productivity problems.

Company morale is without a doubt the biggest factor contributing to poor product quality.  When your employees do not care, who does?

I am constantly amazed at how many companies consider employee training an extra expense and waste of time.

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