Many U.S. public schools are already back in session. Last week, we asked if you think the school year should begin before or after Labor Day.

Readers were evenly split on this issue, 45% of readers replied either “Before” or “After.” 10% were unsure.

One participant said, “The early start of the school year is indicative of the shift towards children being taught to take a test well, as opposed to simply being taught to learn; more does not equate to better- it's being watered down.”

Another said, “Our school district starts this week.  This allows the first semester and mid-term exams to be completed prior to the winter break.”

Others said: “I grew up in New Jersey and it made sense to have the summer off. My son started this week (Oklahoma) and it really impacted a summer job. Better option is year round school and get them out to college earlier!”

“The children's minds are not on school until after Labor Day, as I remember!”

“August 18 is way too early!”

“U.S. public schools should go back the last full week in August, and get out the last Friday of the last full week in June, right before the 4th of July.”

“I think we should have school all year long with more shorter breaks.”

“School should begin at least 2-3 weeks before Labor Day.”

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