This week in adhesive news, World Patent Marketing recently released a new medical adhesive tape to aid in patient care and the recovery process. The new double-sided tape is meant to hold a patient’s wires and tubing in place so they aren’t pulled free or become tangled by movement. The tape reportedly stays in place even with normal movement, allowing the patient to lie down and move comfortably without the fear of dislodging or tangling medical wires and tubing.

According to the article, the inventor of the medical tape said, “The adhesive medical wire strap came into existence while my one-year-old daughter was hospitalized for three days. There was no proper way to hold her, or for her to get comfortable and sleep with multiple wires hanging from her body. This medical strap sticks to the patient’s body navigating all the wires to one area. Thus allowing the patient to not get tangled, also giving easier access for the nurses to find the wire they need without moving the patient all around. It is adjustable for wires to be easily added or taken away, and will work with any body size. Hospitals, nursing homes, and special care clinics need this medical strap to make life easier for the patients and the people taking care of them.”

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