WACKER has developed three new polymeric binders for formulating tile adhesives and mortars in exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS). When added to dry-mix mortars, VINNAPAS® 4419 E, VINNAPAS 8819 E, and VINNAPAS 4449 E produce a creamy consistency, making the resulting product easier for users to process. They also improve slip resistance, wetting capability, and open time. The new dispersible polymer powders are geared primarily toward improved workability and were developed with a particular focus on the users, i.e., on tilers and other skilled workers. The new polymeric binders have been modified in a way that lowers the viscosity of fresh mortar up to 20%. 

VINNAPAS 4419 E and VINNAPAS 8819 E were developed for tile adhesive formulations. In addition to making mortar easier to process, these new binders also improve the ability of tiles to resist sagging in the mortar bed. At the same time, the new dispersible polymer powders optimize the degree of wetting on the back of the tile.

VINNAPAS 4449 E, on the other hand, is suitable for adhesive mortars used for exterior insulation and finish systems. The benefits of this product include its ability to form a particularly powerful bond within the layer system, balancing the forces that arise from temperature fluctuations and other influences. VINNAPAS 4449 E also makes the mortar more resistant to abrasion and improves its flexural strength.

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