Sabre Adhesives has launched a new range of polyurethane adhesives designed for lamination, building and construction, insulation, flooring, and more. Sabre’s new range of polyurethane adhesives is engineered to enable the structural bonding of a wide range of materials and substrates, producing composite structures that reduce weight, increase cost efficiency, improve durability, and lower manufacturing costs. The adhesives can be customized for specific applications, allowing flexibility that meets individual user needs and requirements. 

The solvent-free polyurethane adhesives have been designed to meet the requirements of various applications, including insulated panels, composite materials, door manufacturing, and textiles and laminate bonding. Sabre’s polyurethane chemistry was developed to exhibit high bond strength, temperature resistance, and bond flexibility. And this technology helps improve panel adhesion, eliminate delamination, and increase speed of production. 

Sabre Adhesive’s single-component moisture curing urethane adhesive, SabreBond, has been specifically developed for panel lamination applications, such as caravan panels. Sabre Adhesives also offers heat curing one-component polyurethane adhesive that cures when heat from external sources are applied. These rigid bonds form stronger than the moisture curing alternative and are ideal for simple assembly applications.

Two component polyurethane adhesives are multicomponent materials that allow for simpler modification compared to their 1K counterparts. Sabre Adhesives provides a variety of 2K polyurethane adhesives that are suitable for use throughout numerous industries and applications. These products provide high long-term strength and heat resistance for even the toughest of projects.

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