Veteran chemist and Mactac® Engineered Tapes and Laminates Business Development Manager Steve Schroff will be teaching courses for the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) Tape Academy during Tape Week 2023. The event takes place May 8 to May 11 in Orlando, Florida. 

With two decades of experience developing and formulating pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and laminates, Schroff has served as a PSTC faculty member for nine years. Tape Academy classes cover all aspects of PSA tape design and manufacturing. They are intended for anyone in the industry who wants to advance their knowledge, from scientists and engineers to those who make or sell tape products, and others.

Schroff will be teaching both the Manufacturing and Testing course and the Adhesives and Advanced Technologies course. 

  • Manufacturing and Testing covers all aspects and essentials of PSA tape manufacturing. On Monday, May 8, Schroff will lead instruction on mixing and blending. On Tuesday, May 9, he will educate on drying and curing, as well as web handling.
  • In Adhesives and Advanced Technologies, which is a technical class on polymer technology used in PSA tapes, Schroff will teach about rubber adhesives and surface treatment on Tuesday, May 9.

“Most of my career has revolved around adhesive development for PSA tape applications and I am honored to once again serve as a Tape Academy faculty member,” Schroff said. “I enjoy educating the OEMs, printers, converters, fabricators, adhesive coaters, raw material manufacturers and other dedicated professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of adhesive tape design and manufacturing.”

 Each course includes 12 hours of instruction, interactive demonstrations, problem-solving activities, and a final exam. Those who meet all course criteria are awarded a certificate of completion. Courses also count toward an individual’s Pressure Sensitive Tape Certificate.

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