Shaun McDonough has accepted an offer to become the chief of staff to FLEXcon Holdings Trust, the parent company for FLEXcon Co. Inc., Arlon Graphics LLC, and Blueshift Materials Inc. 

McDonough brings with him a diverse background with FLEXcon. In his 10 years at FLEXcon, McDonough served in a variety of managerial and executive roles. Most recently, McDonough led the departments responsible for Human Resources, Safety & Environmental, Lean Transformation, and Community Engagement. His work during the pandemic was integral to FLEXcon’s response and led to him being selected by Worcester Business Journal as one of their “40 under Forty” rising stars in the central Massachusetts business community. His experience, dedication, and focus on people and culture will drive the continued transformation of FHT.

Dr. Michael Foley, CEO, said, “Working with Shaun in his previous roles has been very rewarding to me. His passion for our company and its employee centric culture is contagious. Shaun already has a finger on the pulse of FLEXcon North America and has moved FHT forward in developing governance best practices, implementing continuous improvement programs, and developing human talent. By moving Shaun onto the Corporate Leadership team, we are not only strengthening our team, but also bringing the next generation of leadership of FHT into a corporate leadership role. His support will ensure that FHT is set up for success in the future for many McDonough generations to come.”

McDonough will be transitioning from the Executive Team at FLEXcon to the position of FHT chief of staff. In this role, McDonough will report to Foley and work closely with each entity’s leaders, the Advisory Board, and the McDonough family. This will include: a focus on global sustainability efforts; improving governance for the businesses, board; and family, and providing support for special and strategic projects for each entity. McDonough’s goal is for FHT to fully embrace and build upon its focus as a material science leader.

“I am proud to stand on the shoulders of giants working first within FLEXcon and now within FHT.” said McDonough, “In this role I will be working closely with the stellar leaders of each FHT entity and our CEO Mike Foley as we build upon our collective experience. I am also excited to use this opportunity to build lasting governance that ensures the McDonough legacy lives on.”

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