Aimee Peacock has been promoted to CEO of FLEXcon Global. This promotion aligns FLEXcon Europe, Asia, and North America under one global executive team led by Peacock.

“This is a monumental moment for FLEXcon as a brand as it signifies our collective direction and ambition to strengthen our global presence while serving our customers at a local level,” said Mike Foley, CEO of FLEXcon Holdings Trust. “Aimee is a strong leader. I look forward to supporting her as she leads the FLEXcon entities towards their common vision for the future.”

Peacock joined FLEXcon North America five years ago as CFO and has worked tirelessly to instill authentic and transparent leadership. In 2021, she was promoted to the role of president within North America where she continued to drive a culture of servant leadership, sustainability, and responsibility. This promotion reflects the immense amount of work and dedication that Peacock has given to FLEXcon, allowing for greater stability and growth moving forward.

Stephen Hall, managing director, Europe said, “This alignment will allow us to be more proactive at a global level, while still preserving the relationships and unique practices that our customers have come to appreciate. I look forward to strengthening the partnership between the FLEXcon entities and collaborating to explore ways to align our practices to give our customers, near and far, the best experience possible. We have a lot to share and learn.”

“My family and I are confident that Aimee’s focus and drive will result in growth within the businesses, and a clear and aligned direction for the current and future generations of leaders within FLEXcon, “ said Shaun McDonough, chief of staff of FHT.

Peacock is an active participant in TLMI, serving as a member of the TLMI Sustainability Awards Committee. She is also a founding member of Chief in Boston, a private network built to encourage and support women in leadership positions. Additionally, she was named one of Worcester Business Journal’s 40 Under Forty in 2020 and Power 50 in 2022.

“I am fortunate to have a career at a company that encourages continuous growth and development,” said Peacock. “I have great pride in the accomplishments of FLEXcon and look forward to continuing to support the organization at a global level, where we enhance the cultural similarities among the FLEXcon entities while recognizing and preserving the differences. There is a strong alignment within the global organization, most importantly, our people-first culture and focus on innovation and sustainability. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the team into the future.”

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