FLEXcon Global announced it has received the Med-Tech Award for Materials Innovation for FLEXcon® OMNI-WAVE™. The Med-Tech Innovation Awards is an annual celebration of the best innovations in medical technology globally.

FLEXcon’s OMNI-WAVE is a hydrogel-free, bio-sensing technology that will result in cost savings for medical electrode and wearable device manufacturers while providing a better experience for patients.

OMNI-WAVE utilizes a skin-friendly, conductive adhesive that eliminates the potential for hydrogel-related skin reactions. Additionally, OMNI-WAVE is not moisture dependent, so it does not require expensive barrier packaging like hydrogel components. It offers a two year out-of-pack life, providing cost savings to both manufacturers and end-users.

“It is an honor for FLEXcon to be considered for this prestigious award,” said Aditi Subramanian, strategic business unit manager, Healthcare, FLEXcon. “It is a testament to the groundbreaking work our team has done to improve bio-sensing technology that will result in unparalleled benefits to both medical device manufacturers and patients.”

To learn more, visit www.flexcon.com.