The second Arkema-Académie des sciences big prize has been awarded to Julien Bras, Grenoble INP-UGA professor recognized the world over for his work on renewable materials. The prize, awarded by the French Académie des sciences and financed with €25,000 by Arkema, is intended to reward research work of the highest level that contributes to innovative chemistry, opening the way to solutions for sustainable and responsible development.

Bras' work is a perfect illustration of the possibilities offered using structures derived from the plant world. By modifying the surface of cellulose to give it new properties, Bras has shown that it can be used to replace fossil-based polymers in applications ranging from packaging to composites. This research has resulted in 195 publications and 22 patents. 

At Arkema, innovation is based on regular interactions with the world of academia and the innovative ecosystem of start-ups. Sustainable development, a commitment to materials derived from recycling or bio-resources, and a desire to provide solutions through innovation are strong values of Arkema's scientific community. The awarding of the Arkema-Académie des sciences Prize to Bras is a perfect illustration of this commitment.

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