Three different adhesives systems from Dow, when used in conjunction with PE film packaging, have received formal recognition from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for polyethylene film recycling.

PACACEL™ L75-200 and PACACEL L-75-191 Solventless Adhesives and ADCOTE™ 536A Solvent-Borne Adhesive join the ever-growing list of Dow products to already achieve APR Design Critical Guidance Recognition, a globally recognized standard for evaluating recyclability in plastic packaging design, awarded to companies that successfully address sustainability challenges in packaging.

  • PACACEL L75-200 Solventless Adhesive is the reactive component of a two-component solventless laminating adhesive used for flexible packaging laminates.
  • PACACEL L-75-191 Solventless Adhesive is a two-component, solvent-free, polyurethane adhesive system designed to offer fast cure, high run speeds with excellent appearance. It is suitable for laminating polyester, polyethylene, and other packaging polyolefin films as well as metallized films.
  • ADCOTE 536A Solvent-Borne Adhesive is a solvent-borne adhesive system designed for laminating aluminum foil and a variety of polyester, polyolefin, and coextruded films typically used in food, medical, and industrial packaging applications.

"The APR’s formal recognition of these adhesive systems underscores Dow's commitment to advancing the circular economy," said Heather Jimkoski, global business director for laminating adhesives, Dow. "Our customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for circular materials, and we are prioritizing innovation to ensure they don’t have to."

Recyclable materials are in high demand from consumers and sharp focus from policymakers. Dow designed PACACEL L75-200 and PACACEL L-75-191 Solventless Adhesives and ADCOTE 536A Solvent-Borne Adhesive to address these demands to expand the possibilities of label performance and circularity. The two PACACEL Adhesive products are the first solventless systems from Dow to receive APR recognition, while ADCOTE Adhesive is the only solvent-based system of its kind to have achieved APR Design Critical Guidance Recognition.

"As we see the demand for more sustainable products on the rise, we do not see any wavering of demand for high quality and performance," continued Jimkoski. "This means solutions must be designed both for recyclability and to exceed consumers’ performance expectations. Industry experts must come together to help manufacturers, converters and brand owners deliver, while laying the foundation for a circular future for plastics."

Dow previously announced an agreement to sell its flexible packaging laminating adhesives business to Arkema, a leader in specialty materials. The transaction is expected to close by the end of 2024, subject to regulatory approval.

Dow believes a collaborative approach is key to realizing a circular economy and works with companies throughout the value chain to reimagine packaging—including films, labels, adhesives and more. Dow and its customers test and optimize packaging and label technologies designed for recyclability to improve the circular economy for plastics.

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