Product offerings from adhesive and sealant manufacturers.

Machinery Adhesives

SUPERLOCK machinery adhesives provide reliable locking and sealing of nuts, screws, studs, bolts and other fasteners. They require no primers, exhibit excellent capillary action and gap filling, cure rapidly, and are resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Available in a range of grades/strengths (all of which qualify under appropriate military specifications), the threadlocking adhesives provide positive locking and sealing on both active and inactive surfaces in a multitude of applications. Circle No. 112

Anaerobic Sealant

This company has introduced single-component, solvent-free anaerobic sealants TB1133B and 11N-001. The sealants set quickly and achieve good bonding strength and flexibility after curing. TB1133B has particularly good cured properties. 11N-001 features low skin irritation, while cured properties are equivalent to conventional anaerobic sealants. Circle No. 111


STYCAST 1365-65 N encapsulant offers excellent mechanical shock resistance and very good adhesion to a variety of substrates in a convenient 1:1 mix ratio. This material provides process compatibility and flexibility with its ability to cure at either room temperature or elevated temperatures. With a durometer hardness of only 65A, the encapsulant is designed to provide excellent mechanical shock resistance for stress-sensitive components. The product also features very low viscosity, allowing it to permeate throughout tightly packed electronic components or coil windings. Circle No. 113

Epoxy Resin

This company has introduced ERISYS EMUA-11, the second product in the family of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)-modified bisphenol A epoxy resins. When cured, the product provides tenacious bonds to PVC with improved flexibility and lower viscosity than ERISYSR

EMUA-10. Applications include vinyl flooring, vinyl sports surfaces, toughening modifier for other epoxy formulations, and modifier for improving thermal-shock and peel resistance. Circle No. 114

Double-Faced Tape

ARclad 9030 is an orange, double-faced tape designed for splicing low-energy-surface substrates. It features superior adhesion and quick tack properties for splicing polyethylenes, polypropylenes, high-slip films and other difficult-to-adhere-to surface substrates. It is "tearable," so no knife is needed, making application safe and convenient. Circle No. 115

Conveniently Sized Adhesives

To assist customers in varied industries, this company has introduced three convenient, low-temperature-applied, economical additions to its line of adhesives. New Scotch Mini-Weld Adhesives are packaged in two-ounce plastic cartridges and come complete with a new dispensing system. Available in three formulations, the adhesives feature quick heat-up times, low-temperature application (190 degF-220 degF), and a long and efficient heat life. They also combine many of the features of the company's Jet-Weld Adhesives and contain no solvents. Circle No. 117

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Boss cyanoacrylate adhesives provide dependable and effective bonds to a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, woods and ceramics. The one-component adhesives have cure rates ranging from instantaneous to two to three minutes. They react with trace amounts of moisture found on the surface of the substrate to form bonds with tensile strengths in excess of 2,500 psi and temperature resistance in excess of 250 degF. Circle No. 110

Anaerobic Threadlocker

Patent-pending Loctite Brass-Loc 2020 is a pre-applied anaerobic threadlocking adhesive specifically formulated for use on brass, steel and zinc-steel fittings. Designed to seal damaging automotive fluids such as motor oils and water/glycol solutions from fittings and fastener threads, the product can be used on airbrake fittings, pipe plugs, fluid fittings, and other threaded fasteners and fittings made of various materials. It fills all voids in the assembled threads, and cures to lock and seal the threaded joint. Circle No. 118

Tapes for Converting Machinery

Tesa 4563 and 4863 are single-sided tapes specially designed for wrapping rollers on converting machinery. The tape backings have a high coefficient of friction that grips the web as it passes over rollers to keep material moving. A special release surface keeps inks, coatings or adhesives from building up on the rollers or drums. The rubber adhesive assures easy, residue-free removal, which reduces clean-up time and helps keep rollers clean. Circle No. 120