Isoltema uses KRATON D-KX220 and KRATON D-1184 polymers to ensure that its self-adhesive roofing membranes, as used in the Colonial Stadium, Melbourne, will have improved viscosity and adhesion, leading to lower related maintenance costs.
Isoltema, an Italian manufacturer of self-adhesive roofing membranes, is using KRATON D-KX220 polymer and KRATON D-1184 polymer in its Elotene waterproofing strips, and Ekobit waterproofing and sealing tapes. D-KX220 was used in the development of roofing products for the Colonial Stadium in Melbourne's Docklands in Australia.

Developed by the KRATON Polymers Business, Houston, D-KX220 and D-1184 have improved the viscosity and adhesion of Isoltema's waterproofing strips, and waterproofing and sealing tapes at both high and low temperatures. Additional benefits include increased stability and performance over time and enhanced resilience to sun exposure, all of which lead to reduced levels of roofing sag and lower related maintenance costs.

"During the development of our products, we reviewed most of the polymer-based modifiers available to our field," said Maurizio Bertozzi, general manager for Isoltema. "KRATON polymers far outweighed the competition in terms of performance in the asphalt mix and compatibility with our production systems."

Polymer-modified asphalt strips are widely used in the roofing trade. Those specifically modified with grades of KRATON polymers can provide waterproofing professionals with a cost-effective product that can be easily processed and cold-applied in position.

"The main concern when designing adhesive asphalt strips is that the asphalt mixture must show a suitable viscosity at a variety of application and installation temperatures," said Dr. J.Y. Meynard, scientific advisor for Isoltema. "KRATON polymers offered Isoltema a first-class product that is highly adhesive at low application temperatures above 41¿F, that does not sag at permanent hot temperatures as high as 212degF and that also maintains sufficient viscosity at higher processing temperatures in the region of 302degF to 392degF."

The KRATON Polymers Business produces high-performance elastomers that are engineered to enhance the performance capabilities of a spectrum of products and are widely used in the roofing trade.

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