New colors and packaging choices make Devcon Plastic Welder high-performance, structural methacrylate adhesives more versatile and convenient than ever for a variety of OEM assembly applications. Available in two formulations (Plastic Welder and Plastic Welder II) for a broad range of bonding requirements, these adhesives require little or no surface preparation and have high tensile and shear strengths and strong impact and peel resistance. Both are nonsagging formulations that will not run or drip when used on vertical or inverted surfaces. Now available in black, white, or original off-white, Plastic Welder is designed to bond engineered plastics and dissimilar substrates, including unprepared metals, ceramics, and wood. It can be used at service temperatures up to 250 degrees F. The Plastic Welder II is designed for use with difficult-to-bond substrates, such as nylon-containing alloys, modified polyesters, and epoxy composites. It withstands a wide range of environmental conditions and is resistant to chemicals and fuels.

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