With environmental issues in mind Vitabond has developed alternative and innovative bonding systems.

Sofa and suite manufacturer, Klaussner, was one of the first companies to take advantage of a new range of sprayable, two-part water-based adhesives from Vitabond.
With environmental issues in mind, Vitabond, Salford, England, has developed alternative and innovative bonding systems, including a range of sprayable, two-part water-based adhesives, which can be applied in the same way as traditional solvent-based products.

One of the first companies to take advantage of the new product range was sofa and suite manufacturer Klaussner, a member of the German Klaussner Furniture group of companies. Established in 1971, Klaussner has 50 retail outlets in the North and Midlands (U.K.), and supplies directly to the furniture trade in other areas of the United Kingdom.

A wide range of product styles is produced at Klaussner¿s St. Helen¿s manufacturing site. Versatility was, therefore, a key factor in the selection of adhesives when the company changed to a water-based system with the introduction of new environmental regulations.

Using a two-component HVLP gun at up to 30-psi pressure, the Vitabond adhesive system is used for a variety of applications, including bonding foam to wood, metal, hardboard, cardboard, chipboard and plywood, as well as bonding together layers of foam. It is also used to apply felting and paper rope to a variety of bases.

Klaussner Production Engineer Peter Brew comments, ¿We had previously used Vitabond solvent-based adhesive very successfully for many years and were, therefore, looking for the same versatility and results when we changed over to the water-based product. This has certainly been achieved, and the service from Vitabond in helping us to adapt to using the new system was excellent.¿

The two-part water-based adhesives are designed to meet all current and foreseeable future environmental regulations. They eliminate the health and safety risks associated with solvents, as well as create an improved working environment. Furthermore, equipment can be cleaned with water.

To assist customers in achieving optimum results, Vitabond offers a technical consulting service to advise on the most appropriate equipment and processes for specific applications. The company also provides product development to individual requirements.

For further information on Vitabond¿s two-part water-based adhesives, contact Vitabond, Seaford Road, Salford, M6 6NB, England; phone 0161 736 5343; fax 0161 745 7521; visit www.vita-salford.u-net.com.

For more information on Klaussner, contact Klaussner UK Ltd., Lea Green Rd., Lea Green Industrial Estate, St. Helens, Merseyside, United Kingdom, WA9 4QA; fax 0174 481 3502.