Wanting to create an experience that attendees would remember Dyneon recruited Convention Exhibit Services to build the Jurassic-theme display booth.

3M Insulation Spray 78 adhesive was used to create a Jurassic-theme exhibit booth at a recent trade show.
It was a project of Jurassic proportions ¿ create an exhibit booth to house a virtual jungle with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dyneon, a fluoropolymer joint-venture with 3M and Hoechst AG, was hosting a booth at the American Chemical Society ¿ Rubber Division Trade Show. Wanting to create an experience that attendees would remember, Dyneon recruited Convention Exhibit Services (CES), St. Paul, Minn., to build the Jurassic-theme display booth.

The booth entryway, to be constructed primarily of foam board and plywood, required an adhesive product that would provide the dinosaur a stable home while maintaining the integrity of the displayed materials. A chance discovery led Terry Dahl, production foreman at CES, to 3M¿ Insulation Spray 78 Adhesive. The adhesive is more commonly used in residential and commercial building applications, but CES was confident that it could contain Dyneon¿s prehistoric dinosaur.

Dahl noticed that Insulation Spray 78 adhesive was being used to adhere foam panels to concrete walls, and recognized the application benefits. ¿At CES, we often adhere foam board to other substrates in our constructions. Previously, we had been using lacquer-based contacts, but those ate away at the foam board, weakening the structure and damaging the display,¿ said Dahl. ¿Insulation Spray 78 Adhesive is an alternative that does not melt foam board, and it¿s easy to use. Because it¿s a spray, it has reduced our application and set-up time while reducing waste ¿ saving time and money,¿ he added.

One 24-fl-oz can of the adhesive covers approximately 100 square feet. It is specially formulated to deliver a high bond for securing insulation without attacking foam board insulation, protecting its integrity.

The precise spray control and variable spray width of the adhesive made it easier for CES to apply a clean finish, while its adjustable ¿lace¿ spray pattern helped ensure the adhesive went exactly where it was needed. This reduced over-spray and misting. The product¿s bond maintains its strength even after extended exposure to heat. It is resistant to temperatures of up to 140°F.

And because Insulation Spray 78 Adhesive only requires a two-minute dry time for bonding two surfaces, the rapid-assembly capabilities helped CES reduce time and costs by as much as half, according to Dahl.

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