To help meet increasing demands for improved efficiency and cost savings in the food industry, Permatex recently had 13 different products approved by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) for use in food equipment manufacturing and food processing. The 13 Permatex products registered with NSF are made up of 32 separate items and cover the basic tasks that MRO mechanics should undertake to increase equipment reliability and reduce downtime. They fall under the categories of: threadlockers, to prevent fasteners from loosening; retaining compounds, to securely bond cylindrical assemblies; adhesive sealants, to bond, repair and secure glass, metal, plastic, fabric, and vinyl; thread sealants, to prevent leaks by sealing metal pipes and fittings; lubricants, to protect metal from rust, corrosion, seizing and galling; and gasket makers, to create leak-free, "formed-in-place" gaskets on flanges.

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