TEC recently announced that its products have been endorsed by Crossville for use with its Laminam®by Crossville®line of large thin porcelain panels. Crossville recently launched its line of large porcelain panels for wall and floor applications through a distributorship with Italian manufacturer Laminam S.p.A. The line reportedly features the first-ever large format slab with a thickness of as little as 3 mm.

Although large-format thin panels have become increasingly popular, successful installation reportedly requires specific materials. TEC offers a variety of setting materials for use with Laminam by Crossville, including surface preparation products, mortars, grouts and caulks.

“Our goal is to educate contractors on the methods and products that will help them deliver high-quality results,” said Tim Bolby, Executive Technical Services director for Crossville. “Our recommendations, which include select TEC products, specify the equipment, materials, handling, storage and installation methods to help contractors achieve success.” 

As part of the collaboration, H.B. Fuller Construction Products, the manufacturer of TEC brand products, offers an extended limited warranty for the bonding systems.

For more information, visit www.tecspecialty.com.