The SpotCure-B is a bench top UV adhesive curing light that employs the latest L.E.D. technology to produce high-intensity UV light in the UV-A spectrum. This curing light is as easy to use as a soldering station. A "hands-free" sensor turns the light on and off when the probe is removed and placed back into its holder. The unit produces an audible signal at the end of each curing cycle. Curing cycles are selectable at 10, 20 and 40 seconds, and a manual selection provides continuous operation. The 400 nm output is the optimum wavelength needed to cure a wide range of UV adhesives, and is especially effective for curing LOCTITE FLASHCURE adhesives to a smooth, tack-free surface in less than 5 seconds. UV-A light is safer than UV radiation produced by other types of UV lights currently available.

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