Glacier Stone (a division of Fletcher Limestone), a manufacturer of fine white calcium carbonate located in Fletcher, NC, has announced the construction of an oversized warehouse that will allow the company to stock a surplus of product for pick up at all times. Glacier Stone has the capability to package in 50 lb. bags, supersacks and load bulk tankers out of its many silos. The company has purchased the most up-to-date quality control instruments to produce the most dependable and consistent calcium carbonate on the market. Since the 1820s, the Fletcher marble deposit has been a valuable source of material for a multitude of applications in both commercial and decorative markets. It is geologically known as part of the Murphy Marble Belt, which is a seam of marble that runs from Alabama through Georgia to North Carolina. The Fletcher deposit is unique for its color and location. Almost two years of planning and a year of construction went into the new calcium carbonate facility. The carbonate is manufactured in many different particle sizes, such as fine, medium and coarse granular.

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