H.B. Fuller recently announced the latest in the series of Advantra® advanced-performance adhesive products with the introduction of Advantra Warrior™ in North America. This proprietary hot-melt adhesive is reportedly versatile across a range of environments and case and carton sealing applications.

H.B. Fuller reports that the new Advantra technology was developed with consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers in mind. As shareholders demand that CPG manufacturers produce more at lower cost, supply chain savings help them meet aggressive profitability goals. Advantra Warrior reportedly supports this growth by allowing procurement teams to reduce the number of required case and carton sealing adhesive SKUs from many to just one.

According to H.B. Fuller, Advantra Warrior proprietary polymer technology has versatile properties that provide a strong bond on cases and cartons exposed to freezer and heat conditions throughout the supply chain. Third-party independent test results have confirmed the strong bonding power of Advantra Warrior across the board stocks that are most commonly used in CPG manufacturing.

Advantra Warrior reportedly simplifies the adhesive buying process for customers, saving time spent on order placement, supplier communication, and shipping logistics. It also reduces shipping costs and customers’ carbon footprint since adhesive orders can be fulfilled from one manufacturing location. When Advantra Warrior is coupled with H.B. Fuller’s FullVision® data analytics consulting service, the company reports that CPG manufacturers should yield improved forecasting and inventory management, increased production uptime, and reduced customer returns. By utilizing FullVision to establish a standard adhesive specification, CPG manufacturers also can be confident that boxes of product are properly closed and won’t open during shipping and warehousing.

“For 20 years, Advantra technology has stood for exceptional quality and total cost of ownership, and Advantra Warrior is no exception,” said Garrett Price, technical manager for H.B. Fuller’s North America Packaging business. “Our leading scientists specially designed this proprietary formula to meet the needs of today’s customer. The third-party independent test results verify that Advantra Warrior is a strong adhesive with superior white color and excellent bond performance on today’s most prevalently encountered substrates.”

Additional details are available at www.hbfuller.com.