Henkel recently announced the development and commercial availability of LOCTITE® HHD 3544F, a bio-based polyurethane reactive (PUR) hot-melt adhesive designed for consumer electronics assembly. This is the company’s inaugural consumer electronics-specific, bio-based PUR hot-melt adhesive; approximately two-thirds of its content is sourced from renewable, plant-based feedstocks.

“LOCTITE HHD 3544F is an important advancement for the electronics industry,” said David Peard, market segment manager and sustainability ambassador for Consumer Electronics. “Replacing conventional fossil fuel-based raw materials with renewable substitutes is a challenging endeavor.  Nearly two years in development, LOCTITE HHD 3544F is a notable structural adhesive innovation and the first product in an expanding Henkel portfolio of bio and renewable material solutions for the consumer electronics sector.”

A one-part, moisture-cure material, LOCTITE HHD 3544F reportedly delivers a sustainable consumer electronics assembly alternative that provides many of the advantages associated with Henkel’s family of PUR hot melts. The bio-based formulation is compatible with a variety of substrates, including plastics, metals, and glass; aligns with high-volume production objectives, enabling deposition of narrow bond lines via jetting or needle dispensing; and integrates fluorescence for in-line automatic optical inspection (AOI). LOCTITE HHD 3544F can be used for a wide range of consumer electronics structural bonding applications in mobile phones, laptops, tablets, wearables, and accessories. 

“Reducing our environmental impact and dependence on virgin fossil-based raw materials have been and will continue to be priorities for Henkel,” Peard said. “Industry-first LOCTITE HHD 3544F delivers solid performance built on a foundation of renewable resources—a win-win!”

Learn more about adhesives from Henkel at www.henkel-adhesives.com/us/en.