Henkel recently announced it has formed an alliance with DaniMer Scientific LLC, a leader in bio-based material technology, to develop hot-melt adhesives that use bio-based raw materials. The initial target for these new adhesives will be the consumer packaging market, including applications in end of line and labeling.

The alliance reportedly combines Henkel’s expertise in hot-melt adhesive formulation, application, and global footprint with DaniMer’s expertise in biopolymer science, proprietary production capabilities, and bio-based technology platform. The intended ambition of this alliance is to bring to the marketplace a technology platform that includes a family of globally supplied bio-based hot-melt adhesive formulations.

“A large number of our customers in the consumer packaging industry have publicized projects to drive sustainability initiatives such as reducing carbon footprint of packaging materials, delivering on consumer-driven environmental initiatives, and diversifying supply chains for packaging materials,” said Gary Raykovitz, senior vice president of Product Development for Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “Henkel and DaniMer working together to solve these issues is yet another confirmation that we will consistently deliver genuinely innovative technologies that enhance our customers’ efforts to achieve their sustainability goals.”

“The renewably sourced feedstocks that we use to produce these specific hot-melt adhesives are not derived from any direct food chain resources,” said Daniel Carraway, CEO and founder of DaniMer Scientific. “They are also unique in that we have enabled the use of recycled renewable content in certain adhesive grades, which allows us to further diversify our supply chain.” 

The alliance expects the first products in the platform to be ready for market launch in the first half of this year.

For additional information, visit www.henkel.com or www.danimer.com.