A new biobased label adhesive, DaniMer 92721, can reportedly eliminate the problems associated with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container recycling. To develop the adhesive, DaniMer used renewable building blocks from Dupont Tate & Lyle and Myriant.

 The new label adhesive is designed to meet the demands of PET container packaging recycling streams and has a renewable content higher than 50%. It reportedly dissolves completely in PET flake caustic wash recycling operations without clumps or “stickies.” This new bio-based formulation is reportedly competitively priced with block copolymers, with pricing not linked to crude oil derivatives. 

“DaniMer is pleased to announce this advancement toward eliminating problems with PET recycling in streams,” said Daniel Carraway, founder and CEO of DaniMer Scientific. “We have been actively engaged with our target market in order to understand what our consumers need, and the issue of PET contamination was a recurring and significant matter that needed to be resolved. Of course, we chose DuPont and Myriant as our suppliers for this project due to their world-class capabilities, knowledge, and extensive background with the development of innovative, renewable building blocks.”

For additional information, visit www.danimer.com.