H.B. Fuller marked 20 years of Advantra® food-safe packaging adhesive performance with the launch of additional adhesive technologies in the Europe, India, Middle East, and Africa (EIMEA) market. These include the combination of the new Advantra SMART high-performance hot-melt range for food-safe compliance with FullVision™, a data analytics consultancy service designed to connect packaging manufacturers with continuous performance and quality improvement.

According to Martin Riswick, H.B. Fuller’s EIMEA packaging solutions business director, the new polymer technology behind Advantra SMART adhesives “leverages an extraordinary potential to offer some of the highest levels of food-safety compliance to manufacturers and brand owners who want the confidence of food safety compliance today, and to be ready for future regulation.” 

According to H.B. Fuller, FullVision is a services platform designed to work with measurement equipment and is easy to introduce. It helps manufacturers to gain a better understanding of their packaging production line data. When combined with H.B. Fuller enhanced adhesive expertise, customers are reportedly able to convert and utilize this information into actionable intelligence to continuously boost production line efficiency without compromising quality.

This technology service uses H.B. Fuller proprietary software to analyze data from which customers can draw meaningful, at-a-glance data reports. It all adds up to actionable insights that reportedly help manufacturers continuously improve their in-line and in-use performance and profitability by optimizing specifications, reducing waste, and achieving savings.

Additional details are available at www.hbfuller.com.