Fusion UV Systems Inc. has announced the availability of several previously unpublished technical papers at its exhibit stand at RadTech Europe 05, scheduled to take place Oct. 18-20 in Barcelona, Spain. Visitors to Fusion's stand can take copies of the technical papers and discuss them with the authors, who will be on hand. Available papers include:O2 Inhibition Versus Segmental Mobility in a Thermally Cross-Linked Networkby S. Jönsson and R. Bao, which explores dual cure (thermal and UV) clear-coating applications in general and, more specifically, for automobile bodies; andProcess Verification Using Radiachromic Films for Web and 3-D Configurationsby Dick Stowe, which provides data on radiachromic films and how they can be used for process verification in situations where high-speed web lines and 3-D part curing lines are difficult to measure with traditional radiometry methods.

For more information, visit www.coatings.de/rte.