Fusion UV Systems, Inc. has announced plans to conduct live UV inkjet printing demonstrations during the upcoming e|5 2004 RadTech North America Technology Expo & Conference being held May 2-5 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC. Inkjet printing is a relatively new application for UV curing, but has made significant inroads over the last few years. This is due primarily to the demand by inkjet printer manufacturers who want to offer their customers high quality, durable print images on a diverse array of substrates (plastic, carton board, paper, laminates, metal). Expo attendees will be able to view live demonstrations in which this technology will be used to print the Fusion two-color logo and then UV-cured using Fusion's newest PowerCure 1 UV curing unit. The inkjet printing system features Xaar 500 inkjet heads and Fusion's new high power PC-1 inkjet curing lamp (output 200 watts/inch). Fusion UV introduced its new line of PowerCure products last November with a 140 watt, 1" (25mm) lamp system, the smallest ever, delivering high power UV with all the traditional features of Fusion UV's electrodeless lamp technology.

For more information, visit http://www.fusionuv.com