UPACO FILM RMC-105 is a high performance adhesive film designed to exhibit good specific adhesion values to various substrates including vinyl, nylon, glass, composite board, fabrics, wood and primed metals. FILM RMC-105 can be heat-sealed at relatively low process temperatures and light to moderate pressure insuring substrate integrity. This adhesive film is a fast-crystallizing product that combines the properties of high peel and high shear strength within the framework of a zero VOC, easily heat-activated matrix. If lower activation temperatures are needed for a heat sensitive substrate, simply use a primer or low activating urethane adhesive against this film. FILM RMC-105 has good water resistance and can hold 2.0-3.0 lbs. of water for greater than 5 minutes in a hydrostatic testing chamber. This product is available on release paper or release film.