Photovac, Inc., a provider of hand-held and portable instruments for the detection and measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), has announced the addition of two new products to its comprehensive assortment of detection instruments. The 2020ppbPRO and the 2020gasPRO are both extremely accurate yet affordable options, and join the already well-known 2020PRO to round out a complete offering of Photoionization Detectors (PIDs). Capable of extremely low-level VOC detection, the 2020ppbPRO PID is ideal for hazmat, industrial hygiene and environmental applications, as well as indoor air quality surveys. The 2020gasPRO utilizes pre-filter tubes designed by Dräger Safety AG & Company to operate as a single gas detection instrument. These pre-filter tubes are currently able to detect the presence of benzene and are an ideal solution for the hydrocarbon processing industry.

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