Conveniently Packaged Adhesives has announced the availability of ShotGun, a table-top dispensing system for two-component adhesives pre-packaged in ConProTec Inc.'s MIXPAC System. The ShotGun dispenses two-component adhesives at a fraction of the cost of Meter Mix and Dispense Machines. The ShotGun operates in two modes to conveniently dispense either a timer-controlled single shot or a continuous bead of adhesive. The ShotGun is built using MIXPAC 200ml or 400ml pneumatic guns and can utilize any two-component adhesive packaged in MIXPAC cartridges. The ShotGun improves efficiency by reducing material waste with precisely timed shots. Standard units are mounted on a 30" x 24" high-density polyethylene (HDPE) work table.

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