When key customers in the adhesives and polymers markets are searching for innovative solutions, they turn to Eastman Chemical Co. Why? Because Eastman has built one of the world’s largest resins and polymers companies, with the broadest resins product line in the industry.

Customer Commitment

Many adhesives customers market multinationally and want to have production facilities in the four key regions - Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. Eastman has been quick to keep pace with customer needs by locating production around the world that puts products near where they are needed.

A strong global network of manufacturing facilities, service and sales operations means customers get regionally produced raw materials that accommodate local conditions as well as consistent product quality that is critical to protecting their franchise brands. Regional production also improves product availability and delivery.

Eastman is committed to not just selling the product, but also to working with customers in their manufacturing facilities and developing partnerships where customers and suppliers work together to deliver the best products to the industry.

Collaborating with global adhesives customers that are focusing on such growth market segments as nonwovens and packaging is one example. Manufacturers producing adhesives for tapes and labels is another. Eastman has a long-standing reputation of giving customers what they want - a sure way for both the customer and Eastman to succeed in business.

Product Line

Ranging in color from "water white" to light brown and in form from flakes and pastillated to liquid and molten, Eastman markets a broad range of rosins, hydrocarbons, waterborne and polymer raw materials.

In addition to low-molecular-weight hydrocarbon resins, a number of tall oil rosin resins, gum rosin resins and resin dispersions are also included in Eastman's adhesives family of products.

These raw materials for adhesives and sealants find use in a variety of applications such as nonwovens, tapes and labels, packaging, and caulks. Other end uses include paints and coatings, printing inks, rubber, and plastic-compounding applications.

Even though it is the world's broadest line of resins, the Eastman family of products will continue evolving to meet changing customer needs. Adhesives and polymers producers can continue to rely on Eastman's applications and formulations expertise necessary to grow their business.

A supplier with the strength and leverage to provide long-term reliability to its customers, Eastman offers adhesives manufacturers the solutions to today's problems and answers for tomorrow's challenges.