To improve its ability to efficiently develop and deliver flexible product and service solutions for customers with widely differing business needs, Dow Corning's Pressure Sensitive Industry team has made several staff changes. Shelly Bausch, former Pressure Sensitive Industry director for the Americas, is now responsible for the overall strategic and operations success of Dow Corning's global Pressure Sensitive Industry team. She will work directly with Dow Corning marketers and commercial managers around the globe and will report to Global Paper and Process Industry Director Marie Eckstein. Chris Combs will take over as Americas Area Pressure Sensitive Industry commercial manager. Combs, working with his counterparts in Asia and Europe - Osamu Katsutani and Jean Francois Bailly - will be responsible for area operations and will report to Bausch. Brian Chapman, Americas Area Silicone Release Coatings market manager, will take on additional responsibility as the global market manager for the Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Tape segment.

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