This company recently introduced to the North American market a comprehensive portfolio of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and coatings for protective films used for electronic devices. These silicone-based materials reportedly include low-migration, platinum-cure PSAs and a high-performance hard coating. The products were reportedly designed to help customers optimize the performance of protective films used in electronics processing, assembly, shipment, storage, and aftermarket applications.

The following new PSA grades are designed for protective films used in processing and assembly of electronic devices. Dow Corning 7647 adhesive provides stable, ultra-low adhesion and wet-out for protective films used in electronics processing. 7657 offers medium adhesion for electrical and electronics specialty tapes applications. 7660 can deliver ultra-low adhesion for protective films used in electronics processing. 7667 offers low adhesion for two-layer protective films used in electronics after market applications and processing.

The next two new PSA grades reportedly are designed for protective films in aftermarket applications, primarily to prevent damage during everyday use by consumers: Dow Corning 7645 adhesive provides super wet-out performance and stable low adhesion; and 7646 adhesive offers low adhesion and wet-out performance.

The company also offers Dow Corning AY 42-260 coating for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. This ultraviolet (UV)-cure silicone hard coating reportedly is better than acrylate coatings in water and ink repellency, mar resistance, hardness, anti-graffiti performance, and ease of cleaning. The use of AY 42-260 on PET substrates can help preserve the aesthetic, performance, and value of consumer electronics.

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