BBA Fiberweb Filtration has completed the development of DiamondWeb - a new spunbond polyester filtration media - following an investment of proprietary technology and process design. BBA Fiberweb Filtration business director Mike Cox says, "This versatile and nimble manufacturing process enables us to produce products like DiamondWeb to exacting quality while still providing specialty products at volume economies." DiamondWeb fabrics are available in both area and pattern bond technologies, and in a variety of colors for project- and customer-specific opportunities. Product features include: pattern bond weights ranging from 17-85 gsm; area bond weights ranging from 17-136 gsm; and various color options, including white, blue, black, gray and Synergex II (a calendered version). DiamondWeb is one of more than 14 non-woven filtration media offered by BBA Fiberweb Filtration.

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