On May 24, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories founder Don Brookfield, Sr. passed away after an extended illness. Brookfield began his career as an inventor in 1932 after completing studies as Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1934, Brookfield sold his first working dial reading viscometer. During World War II, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories was able to continue its viscometer development while making significant contributions to the war effort with such projects as airborne radar cathodes, coaxial connectors for radio research at Harvard and MIT, and other defense components. After WWII, the American Standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM) developed standards for viscosity measurement using the Brookfield Dial Reading Synchro-Electric Viscometer. Simultaneously, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories launched an extensive marketing campaign and production expanded significantly. Since that time, many more instruments have been developed to meet the growing and changing needs of viscosity measurement. Brookfield viscometers are used today in a broad range of applications, encompassing research, development and quality control. Typical applications include: adhesives; cosmetics; a wide variety of food products; inks, paints and other coatings; solvents; petroleum products; and plastics and pharmaceuticals.

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