FLEXcon recently announced the passing of its founder and chairman of the board, Myles J. McDonough, on March 30. A resident of Worcester, MA, and The Carnegie Abbey Club, Portsmouth, RI, McDonough was an innovator and leader in the adhesives and coatings industry, and an honored philanthropist who was a passionate supporter of a number of charities.

McDonough founded FLEXcon Co. in 1956 at the age of 26 as a FLEXible CONverter of plastic films. He grew the company from a two-person garage operation in Spencer, MA, to what it is today—a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive film products with 1,500 employees worldwide.

McDonough was a classic hands-on “can do” entrepreneur who was constantly surprising his customers and his employees by making the impossible possible. He built his first equipment using parts from dismantled washing machines and created a multi-million-dollar company without venture capital or bank loans. With characteristic humility, McDonough once summed up his management style as “I hire people smarter than myself and let them excel.”

“My father was a dedicated, honest and hard-working leader who was a role model to me and everyone that worked with him,” said Neil McDonough, president and CEO of FLEXcon. “His loyalty to customers and commitment to constant innovation remain the cornerstones of the company today. Myles had an impact on so many people—from our employees to customers and suppliers in our industry to the local community. He will be greatly missed.”

For more information, visit www.flexcon.com.