Rapra Technology is offering a free 30-day trial of the biggest web-based polymer library in the world, www.polymerlibrary.com. The offer is worth £99.00 at Rapra's current rates and will give new users a no-pressure opportunity to browse and evaluate Rapra's wealth of information at no cost. Rien van den Hondel, Rapra business manager, Databases, says, "If you've not tried out our library before - you'll quickly come to understand the value of this vast bank of polymer knowledge. It contains over 850,000 records relating to plastics, rubbers and adhesives, yet it is a simple matter to identify and access the material you need to match your particular interest. Whatever your interest, why not accept this offer without any further obligation? You will have 30 days to use up your £99 credit and to explore this unique electronic collection of polymer literature." Rapra believes that most users of the free database offer who have any practitioner responsibility for plastics and rubbers in their jobs will return as subscribers. Demand for the polymer database - which is expanded and updated biweekly - is rising as more and more plastics innovations and products are brought to market. Accessing the database is seen as a vital first step, not just for scientists and researchers, but also for designers and developers of new products, in ensuring that they know what prior knowledge exists before they embark on a specific development.

For more information, visit http://www.polymerlibrary.com and click on `Search for Free.'