Henkel Loctite Corp. introduces Hysol QMI 550SI, a low-CTE, silica-filled, dielectric die attach adhesive designed to bond non-active package surfaces, such as bottom-die-to-substrates and die-to-dummy-spacer-die in same-size stacked die packages. Hydrophobic and stable at high temperatures, QMI 550SI produces void-free bond lines with excellent adhesion strength to a wide variety of organic and metal surfaces including polyimide, BT, FR, and Au. Packages manufactured with this non-conductive adhesive have high resistance to delamination and popcorning after multiple exposures to reflow temperatures. QMI 550SI allows SkipPrebake and can be cured in-line using SkipCure processing in just 10 seconds after the bond line reaches 150 degrees C. The product is a cost effective manufacturing solution due to the higher UPH that can be realized through SkipCure, skipping prebake, and using organic spacers. QMI 550SI is JEDEC Level 3 capable of 260 degrees C reflow in tape array BGAs. The product may be converted to a controlled collapse spacer paste that employs Loctite patented organic spacers.

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