Ricky Wu and Taipai-based Oblong Technology have been honored by InteliCoat Technologies as the company's Distributor of the Year. Wu and Oblong serve as distributors of InteliCoat Tecnilith APF Artwork Protect Film to manufacturing customers across Taiwan and China. "Ricky Wu and his team at Oblong have set the benchmark for future distributors," said David Neal, Intelicoat Director of Sales. "Their knowledge of our APF products and the markets they serve, along with the depth of support they provide each customer, have made them an invaluable partner." Wu, a 17-year veteran of the technology industry, works as section manager for Oblong. Cleanroom-produced Tecnilith Artwork Protect Film is used for laminating all varieties of silver halide and diazo phototools. The film provides a clear 3.5- and 6-micron thick barrier that protects circuit board integrity from scratches, damaging chemicals and mishandling. APF can save as much as 45 percent of phototool-related production costs while providing exceptional reproductions of fine lines and spaces.

For more information, visit http://www.intelicoat.com or call (800) 688-9171.