Xenon Corp. of Woburn, MA has introduced a modular pulsed UV system that can provide fast UV curing with cooler substrate temperatures at a cost comparable to mercury lamps. The Xenon RC-742 Pulsed UV Curing System features instant ON/OFF and is capable of producing 1,000 w/cm2 peak power to provide greater penetration and deeper curing in under 0.5 second with minimal heat, depending upon the application. Suitable for chemistries that absorb light at 180-600 nm, these pulsed systems can incorporate a lamp with its size, shape, and wavelength spectrum designed for specific product and application requirements. Xenon RC-742 lamps operate without a magnetron and can be ozone-free, thus eliminating the heat buildup, energy consumption, and poisoning concerns associated with continuous wave mercury lamps. Consisting of a power supply, controller, and xenon lamp module, systems are suitable for curing a wide range of products from micron size up to 2 meters long.

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