(Week of 10-31-05)


This company has announced the addition of six new colors to its Leda compounded color effects line for thermoplastic part design. New to the Mina® (metallic) family are: Tangerine (bright orange); Flamingo (vibrant pink); Wicked (intense light green); and Bittersweet (deep chocolate brown). The Mirage family of color travel and pearlescent effects has added Borealis (purple/dark green) and Desert Rose (pink/brown) to its offerings. All new color effects are designed to complement Bayer MaterialScience's Makrolon® polycarbonate.

For more information, visit http://www.BayerFantasia.com .


This company, a leading manufacturer of PTFE and UHMW-PE film and tape, now offers UHMW automotive squeak and rattle tape. Rolls of DeWAL UHMW tape are available with a direct coat acrylic or elastomeric adhesive. 3M or Avery transfer adhesives can also be provided, if needed. DeWAL UHMW tapes are available in widths of 0.25" to 26" and thicknesses of 3, 5, 10, and 20 mils. Featuring temperature-resistant acrylic or elastomeric adhesive on one side, the tape is backed with 84# Kraft paper liner for ease-of-die cutting and application.

For more information, call (800) 366-8356 or e-mail cbrooks@dewal.com .

HENKEL: Solder Paste

The electronics group of Henkel has announced that halide-free, no-clean Multicore® MP218™ solder paste has now been optimized to enable modern Sn-Pb processes, thus allowing for the inevitable interaction with lead-free solder pastes. However, extra activity and wider reflow capabilities are specifically intended to overcome the wetting issues caused by the combination of Sn-Pb solder and Pb-free device finishes. Interaction between Sn-Pb solder and Pb-free finishes exacerbates the traditional problems of temperature and humidity variations commonly associated with the rise of lead-free. A high humidity resistance means that Multicore MP218 is able to avoid the humidity-related problems of premature drying and excessive moisture absorption, enabling a consistent global performance. The behavior of the Multicore solder paste is further enhanced by a new anti-tombstoning formulation, designed to extend the liquidus time of the solder during reflow, increasing the wetting window for each end of the component. This reduces the possibility of costly tombstoning defects and enables effective joint formation.

For more information, visit http://www.loctite-europe.com .

JOWAT ADHESIVES: Polyurethane-Based Adhesives

The ViseTiteTM line of polyurethane-based (PUR), high-performance adhesives is engineered for low-foaming action to require less cleanup and/or sanding and faster cure times to speed production. In addition, bonding strength has been shown to surpass the leading competition. Available in several sizes, these adhesives are offered in two initial formulas, ViseTiteTM and ViseTiteTM Plus. Both are waterproof and excellent for most applications, including wood, ceramics, many plastics, carpet, veneer, laminates, tiles, concrete, stone, brick, Styrofoam, and most other materials.

For more information, call (800) 322-GLUE.


Troysperse SD100 is a high-performance additive designed for the dispersion of inorganic pigments such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide and extender pigments in nonaqueous formulations. This product increases the speed of dispersion, thereby reducing milling time, which results in increased productivity for manufacturers of coatings and related materials. Further, SD100 decreases the viscosity of the pigment dispersion paste and assists in maintaining separation of the pigment particles. This viscosity decrease permits the formulation of lower VOC coatings and also allows higher pigment loading, thus providing the benefits of faster throughput and the potential to produce larger finished batches.

For more information, visit http://www.troycorp.com , call (973) 443-4200 or e-mail williamm@troycorp.com .