We're proud to offer in this issue our fifth annual Raw Materials and Additives Handbook. This year's handbook has been updated and expanded with many new categories and definitions, and an increase in supplier listings. The handbook begins on p. 34.

The listings are divided into four major categories: Additives and Chemical Specialties; Resins and Base Polymers; Pigments and Dyes, Dry/Dispersions and Extenders; and Solvents. Each category has several subcategories. The directory is set up with a definition of each material followed by the names of suppliers who furnish the material. Products are listed alphabetically under each major category.

While our staff made every effort to contact the entire community of materials suppliers to our industry, we may have inadvertently excluded some. If you are a materials supplier and would like to receive information on purchasing listings in next year's Raw Materials and Additives Handbook, please contact Peg Van Winkle at (614) 760-4222 or e-mail vanwinklep@bnpmedia.com.

The Raw Materials and Additives Handbook is a good tie-in to the rest of our editorial this month, which focuses on formulation, analysis and materials handling. Several articles in this issue focus on advances in adhesive and sealant formulations. Look for a profile of Henkel's new Technology Center on p. 24. Managing Editor Brian Hayes talks trends and innovations with two leading thermoset adhesive manufacturers on p. 21. He spoke to representatives of 3M and Henkel for some insight into how their companies approach the thermoset adhesives market, as well as to find out what product innovations we can expect in the near future.

Speaking of adhesive and sealant formulators and suppliers, it's almost time for the Adhesive and Sealant Council's Spring Convention. This year it will be held in Norfolk, VA, and several exciting activities are scheduled. We preview the event on p. 32.

An article from Chemsultants examines the important topic of analytical testing. Find out more on p. 17.

Material-handling automation is becoming increasingly helpful to adhesives and sealants companies, boosting productivity and the bottom line. FKI Logistex outlines the considerations a company should make when contemplating an automated material-handling system. See the article on p. 26.

Our Advancing Adhesives department looks at the Artwalk® decorative floor coating system from Bayer MaterialScience AG. When redecorating the classrooms of the Don Milani preschool in Cogoleto, children's drawings were recreated on the floors in greatly enlarged form using the Artwalk coating system. The coating was formulated and applied by Api S.p.A. of Mignanego, Italy, one of six companies with which Bayer MaterialScience has entered into cooperative agreements for the formulation, design, and application of Artwalk. The article appears on p. 31.