CVC Specialty Chemicals Inc. has announced the introduction of ERISYS® GE-25, a low-viscosity, difunctional aliphatic modifier that can be used for viscosity modification of viscous resin compositions with minimal effect on physical and thermal performance properties. Long available in Europe and Asia, this modifier has not generally been available in the U.S. Samples of ERISYS GE-25 can be ordered by contacting the company directly.

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Dylon Industries has developed two new epoxy-based graphite compounds known as Dylon Grade RX and Grade PX. Both products are blends of graphite and epoxy that combine to form high-strength bonds. Dylon Grade RX and PX can be used as heat-conductive compounds or electrically conductive adhesives. They can also be cast into intricate shapes or placed in grooves and sleeves for use as a permanent lubricant. Grade RX and PX can be machined, threaded, drilled, sawed, or buffed to a high finish. Both products may be used as a dry lubricant where high thermal and electrical conductivity are desired or needed.

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OK International has announced the launch of its new DX-200 Series of Digital Dispensers/Controllers. These systems are affordable, accurate and repeatable micro-air dispensing systems. The DX-200 model offers an operating pressure of 0 to 100 psi (0 to 6.9 bar) and is configured for general dispensing applications, while the DX-215 features an operating pressure of 0 to 15 psi (0 to 1 bar) and is designed for specific low-viscosity fluids. Applications range from the precision deposition of surface-mount solder paste and adhesive to semiconductor underfill. The units are supplied ready-to-use with a power adapter, air hose, sample tips, barrel, syringe adapter and syringe stand. Operating from a 24V DC supply, the CE-certified dispensers feature a timer range of 0.008 to 99.99 s.

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Sumitomo 3M will launch Nexcare Steri-Strip Standard Skin Closure, its proprietary elastic adhesive tape for home use, in early May. The new product, which is made of rayon unwoven and acrylic yarns, helps secure skin closure after surgical incisions. One unit contains 12 strips. The product will be available in drug stores and pharmacies across Japan. Target users are those who have sutures at a clinic or those who consult with a doctor.

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Valpac Inc. has announced its entry into the tackifier dispersion business with a product line targeted at pressure-sensitive, contact and other specialty waterborne adhesives based on acrylic, SBR, natural rubber, chloroprene, and other lattices. Commercial products include V-TAC 7901, based on C5 hydrocarbon resins; V-TAC 8501, based on rosin esters; hybrid V-TAC 7901, which includes rosin ester and hydrocarbon resins; and V-TAC 9001, a modified rosin dispersion specially formulated for chloroprene latex-based contact adhesives. Valpac has entered into partnership with Teckrez Inc., a specialist in tackifier resins, for business development and marketing of dispersions.

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